What brands do you come up with if you hear British brands?

“Britishness” as Made in Britain, has been well established in the global market.

You may come up with Burberry, Cathy Kidston, Mulberry or even the iconic department store Harrods in Knightsbridge.Some brands effectively use double-decker buses in its designs of the brands while others put elements of rich heritage of Britain into its brand identity.Burberry is the example of a British Heritage brand and successfully spreads the value of British Heritage around the world.

However, some British brands brought up one concern that due to Brexit, the original brand identity as “Britishness” might be lost and lose its value in global markets. The reason is that the association with Global Britain will be lost as Britain is going to withdraw from the EU.

If we look at some data, so far, Burberry sales have rocked to 30% in the three months after the Brexit vote in June. Another iconic British brand Cath Kidston has been accelerating its rapid expansion to overseas markets, especially in Asian countries.

Some British well known brands seem to be very confident, even post Brexit.

Marketing Director at Sue Chidler says “ Brand Britain seems to be stronger than ever and we continue to see huge demand and support from our customers overseas, especially in Japan and India, two markets we are expanding into, where quintessentially British brands like ours are very much in demand. More recently we also have seen an increase in footfall in our more ‘tourist’ sites such as our flagship store in London.”

Head of Marketing at Harrods also believes that “ luxury British brands will continue to do well following Brexit due to the large number of international shoppers who are still attracted to the UK. With such a diverse clientele currently shopping in London we will ensure our marketing strategy is tailored accordingly”.

Harrods seems to have confidence in continuing the British identity by keeping its tradition while at the same time adjusting its marketing strategies to various customers around the world. One of the tradition and iconic element of Harrods is “Green Men” and Harrods will still continue to keep these traditions as simple of Britishness.

Image by mylittlestylefile.com

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