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Lorenzo Quinn, Hand of God, Scultpure

The Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair is hosting a solo exhibition by the contemporary sculpture artist Lorenzo Quinn. The artist’s most recent famous sculpture by him is called ‘Support’ and was exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2017.

Lorenzo Quinn’s sculptures are pure, elegant and beautiful adorned with geometric elements. He uses human anatomy and full body sculptures to deliver equally clean-cut messages derived from love. One of his most recognisable motifs being sculptures of hands that spell out the letters of love. Although the structural elements in his sculptures lack intricacy, he sculpts the anatomy with incredible detail and thought.

In the exhibition on the first and second floor, there are two sculptures which he names “Force of Nature” in which he represents the force of mother nature and the goldlike embodiment of earth. It is a powerful sculpture that draws similarities to the “Nike of Samonthrace” of the louvre. One can see where the artists draw inspiration from old Masters such as Rodin in his rendering of the drapery. This breathes life and energy into his sculpture.

It is an exhibition that is a joy to walk through as the messages accompanying the works are truthful yet straightforward. The way he sculpts and visualizes his ideas is done in such a way that everyone can make a personal connection towards the artworks. With his realism and beauty, he brings forth a contemplative yet comforting emotion that the world is not all bad, but love exists.


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(Image credit: Halcyon Gallery   ©Lorenzo Quinn Picture by Johanna Schwabl)

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