Sydney © Wim Wenders Courtesy Wim Wenders Foundation

The Photographers’ Gallery is showing a variety of different exhibitions at the moment. One of them is Instant Stories by the artist Wim Wenders. His Polaroids, which “provides a singular insight into the artist’s thought processes, preoccupations, and aesthetic inspirations.” It is showing over 200 polaroids that he has taken during the 1970’s & the 80s.

“The entire Polaroid process (and procedure) has nothing to do with our contemporary experience when we look at virtual and vanishing apparitions on a screen that we can delete or swipe to the next one. Then, you produced and owned ‘an original’! This was a true THING, a singular object of its own, not copy, not print, not multipliable, not repeatable. You couldn’t help feeling that you had stolen this image-object from the world. You had transferred a piece of the past into the present.” -Wim Wenders, writing in his artist’s book of the same title, Autumn 2017

For more information, please visit:


(Image credit:  Wim Wenders  ©Wim Wenders Picture taken from The Photographers’ Gallery )

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